When will you come to my city for an event? When an event is confirmed, I’ll list it HERE. I’ve cooled it to get into the school year, but as I’ve yet to join the PTA (will I ever? Stay tuned, kids!) I’ll pick it up again. Please fill out form if you’d like to discuss an event. Or just if you want to tell me I’m sexy. I like to be told I’m sexy. When will the Dark Water Series Book #2 be available? I’m finished! But she still needs a trim and a blowout, so expect Book #2–To Each Her Own–by February ’17. You like to write! I like to write! Can I send you my stuff? Believe me: I would LOVE to be your writing buddy. But if I get into your stuff, I won’t have time for my stuff, and I need to work on my stuff.  For now, check out WHAT I’M READING and read along with me! We’ll be the coolest book club around!