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Roleplaying mainstream but feel best dancing naked under the full moon? We’ve got your fix.

I really like to do that, to try and imagine the planet as this intimately knowable thing. Something that can be ruled, let’s say, by a teenage beach princess in cargo shorts and a one-piece bathing suit.

“Have you ever wondered about the dark water?”

When surfer chic Lu meets Morgan, a peculiar boy who swims in the forbidden, shark-infested cove water at night, her sleepy beach life suddenly gets a whole lot less sleepy.

Her teacher assigns a paper that casts Lu into an investigation about coastal urban legends – one in particular that is eerily connected to her own family history.

More gets wacky, and quickly: she loses patches of time, has vivid nightmares, gets into a huge fight with her BFF, and is fiercely attracted to the new weird kid in town. Then Dad sends a warning. Only problem is…he’s been dead for twelve years.

Will Lu unravel the dark water mysteries before it’s too late?

Or will time land her on the wrong side of an urban legend?

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This is nature, and nature has one unrelenting rule: eat or be eaten. You can’t change it.


Things have begun to settle down for Lu and Sarah in the months following the terrible night at the cove. But when Lu and Mom go on a college tour of Shallowdale, and Lu and new friend Juliet trespass into the surrounding woods, Lu stumbles on much more than she bargained for. Soon the girls are launched right back into the realm of the Other, and they’re forced to embrace what Lu’s been avoiding since that fateful night: their magic.

Back in Salerna Beach–and with help from Gran–Sarah investigates her own history to learn the shocking story about her grandmother and about why she was so drawn to witchcraft in the first place. She and Lu discover there’s more to the practice, and that the sisterhood could be stronger than ever…if they choose to expand it. With emerging evil around every corner, and trailing ghosts in their wake, will a full coven be strong enough to protect them? Or will Lu and Sarah lose their chance at finding normal once again.

Available February, 2017. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader, please contact Dirty Little Bookers on the F.A.Q page.

An energy with its own identity and thoughts and purpose; something that didn’t die or disappear, but worked, in microcosmic efforts, to infiltrate life bit by bit, until—before anyone knew it—the whole world was consumed by it.


Candy and Agatha transfer to Marystown from Canada just weeks before cheerleading tryouts. They’re instantly popular, but after a string of weird incidents, locals wonder if it’s really becoming cheer captain that the girls are after. If maybe it’s not something much, much larger…

Available Winter 2017. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader, please contact Dirty Little Bookers on the F.A.Q page. 

Beware Those who darken Sleep with Wicked Mare

bogeyEver wonder where dreams come from? Hop on the southbound Wanderide and join in on a Garden tour to see for yourself. But quickly, while there’s still time. Things aren’t going so well at Reverigh, where students are trained to cultivate and protect your dreams. The Nightmare King has found a secret weapon, and now his army is stealing starpaths and highjacking dreamer realms. It’s up to Jack to round up the soldiers, and with scarlet skeletons in his closet, a secret disease ticking at his life clock, and nightmare fears pecking away at his confidence, well…he’s got his work cut out for him.

Available March 2017. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader, please contact Dirty Little Bookers on the F.A.Q page.

Twelve-thirty-four, to be exact. The only window in the building that isn’t nailed shut. How about that.


Katie Watson is Manager On Duty at Lamplock Wyancott Hills Place in Wyancott, Ohio. She loves the hotel industry, mostly, despite the often-ornery repeat guests, interdepartmental blame wars, toppling upper management and Ken, the slimy Food and Beverage Director. Had everything gone the way she’d hoped, Katie would be a shoe-in for Rooms Management in five years or less, and maybe one day she’d get the Assistant Director’s position (without having to sleep with her boss). She had nothing keeping her in Wyancott (other than an overbearing mother and piling debt), and everyone says you have to be willing to move to get ahead in the hotel industry. Katie would be happy to move, and would have done so in an instant, if not for the first suicide.

When Katie, investigating a sound complaint, opens Asher’s guest room, she discovers the dancer has overdosed on pills and is in dire need of assistance. Only he’s already dead. Katie is properly freaked out, but doesn’t realize things are about to get much weirder. She’s granted a perk she never knew existed: access to the Thirteenth Floor. Without applying, Katie is initiated into the Directorate of Earthly and Aftermath Dealings as Breather: host and assistant to all of Lamplock’s suicides from the last fifty years.

Now Katie’s stuck. If she wants to get anywhere in life, she must first carry out her Breather tasks and get all suicides to where they need to go. If only she knew how. And with a full schedule of reconciling bank discrepancies, avoiding her mother’s phone calls, body-guarding her stripper hero and staving off Ken’s advances…it looks like she’ll be at Lamplock for much longer than she ever intended.

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