what you’ll need:

  • red candle
  • twine or rope
  • sand or soil (or perform outside)
  • incense
  • bowl of water (outside, if water body is in the west)

cast your circle. place candle in the south, sand in the north, water in the west, incense in the east. light candle, then stand with your spirit sister facing the south. Clasp hands and wind twine around them, reciting:

With lips as true as red did bleed, and hearts sworn pure with solemn creed, about our hand one bond twines tight, two sisters safe from Death’s blind sight. 


what you’ll need:

  • blue candle
  • white candle
  • athame

light one blue candle in the west (for help with imagination)
one green candle in the north (to keep you grounded)
facing northwest, trace a small circle widdershins and dagger down (depending on your common hand)

Down to sleep, but none the wiser,
so widdershins the dagger go. Let blossom
reap and gold to miser; swift the tide,
not fast, but slow.
Carry me thither with courage tonight. For there is where I dream.

Sleep tight, lovely witches.


what you’ll need:

  • white/yellow candle
  • cloak (or blanket)

sit near an eastern window and light your candle. cover your head with a cloak (or blanket) hood.
speak 3 times with eyes closed:

Warm within, naught is the pain. Begone gone with the rain.

With eyes open:

Guardians of the East, bringers of transformation, take from me the breath of despair and grant to me the breath of peace. So mote it be.


what you’ll need:

  • shallow bowl
  • salt
  • incense
  • warm water
  • red/orange candle

Facing East, light the candle (to banish fear) and drop a pinch of salt (to lay the foundation for your new turn) into your shallow bowl of water (for the gift of instability/imagination).  Blow softly into the water, just so the surface vibrates. With your hands around the base of the bowl, say:

Fire and Earth, Wind and Sea, a new breath for me and a kiss for thee.
When all that has been comes home to call, o’er the threshold anew, for one and all. 

Guardians of the East, carriers of wind, float me into this new beginning with protection and courage, keeping uncertainty at bay. So mote it be.


What you’ll need:

  • athame
  • blue, white, red, green candle
  • honey
  • small pot of soil (or perform outside)

Cast circle. Call upon the Guardians for protection. Light candles as you go.

In the North, pierce soil with athame. Turn clockwise until a small hole is formed. Pour honey into the earth and say,

Deep, down at Her belly, I cast a sweeping, sacred sphere. 

Cover hole with soil and raise both arms in a grand sweep, resting the point of your athame at the center of your sky and say,

To the farthest reaches,  All guardians that rest there, set watch upon my love(s). Bind the agony of distance with the soldier of safekeeping. 

Point West and say,

Guardians of the West, nurturers and healers, keep safe my children (my love, my mother, my father, etc.) and guide them on this, their journey. Until the end of our days and the beginning of the next, so mote it be.

Make sure to thank the Guardians and close your circle.

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